About us

What is Women Making a Difference?

Women Making a Difference (WMAD) is a capacity building programme that educates and empowers women in Wales to have the skills, confidence, and mind-set to become the leaders in their communities and decision-makers at all levels of public and political life.
Our training courses are free of charge and open to every woman in Wales. There are no prerequisites to join and we support women with travel expenses and childcare where necessary.

Why are we here?

Women at all levels of civic society are under-represented and their voices are not being heard. There are significant barriers facing women from all backgrounds, particularly those from minority groups, and fewer women in decision-making roles, from School Governors to Councillors, as MPs and on Boards.

Only 27% of the Welsh Government Cabinet are female. Only 17% of Welsh MPs are female and there’s just 25 female Assembly Members out of 60 AMs. With only 1 female Council Leader out of the 22 Councils in Wales there is a male domination in the elected representatives of Wales.

EHRC Who Runs Wales? 2014 Report