Inspirational Women

There are already many amazing women who are helping to shape Wales and the UK in a number of ways; as Public Appointees, Trustees of charities, Board members of public and private organisations and alongside volunteering there are also some inspirational role models working to further the equality of opportunity in public life.

We wanted to highlight the journey these women have made towards success to show that barriers can be overcome and inspire more women to take steps to achieving a public appointment themselves.

If you are or know of a woman who is an inspiration to others get in touch so that we can share your story.

Marie Navarro

Marie holds a number of public appointments. She is a Board Member of Cymru Yfory, a member of the Wales marie2Committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and is the Managing Director of YourLegalEyes.

Marie came to Wales as an Erasmus Master student, to study law in English.  She fell in love with Wales and became a specialist in the law of devolution.  She was Editor and Chief Researcher to Wales Legislation Online, for 13 years, and in 2012 she created YourLegalEyes to offer training and consultancy to the people who want to fully participate in the democratic processes in Cardiff and in London.

Marie has always liked to help and represent people, friends and family.  She is curious by nature and passionate, so she likes to get involved to contribute to an improvement of her community and society.

By getting involved, she enjoys learning more details and practicalities about issues she feels passionate about.  She enjoys discussing problems, finding solutions and giving back to society; and particularly enjoys helping people in a real and practical way while making great friends in the process.

The biggest barrier for Marie, if not the sole barrier, she will admit was the financial one.  Most public appointments are not paid for and as she is freelance it means extra hours - but it is all really worth it.  Lately, she has found that being a woman actually is a lever rather than a barrier as equality and gender balance are becoming increasingly important in public life.

Her former boss in Cardiff Law School, David Lambert, was a great support from her first day at the Law School.  He has always encouraged her to go further and not to let her lack of confidence stop her from applying for senior posts.  He has also shown her how to help many people, and especially young people, start their professional life.

Her tip to you is "Believe in yourself.  If you consider a position you would really enjoy and that you would love to do, then go for it.  Don't think too much - and apply!  There are very high chances you will get the position if you are passionate about the subject."

Marie says that nobody is perfect – after 15 years in Wales her English is still not perfect, but she doesn't let it stop her.  Just take a leap of faith and join us, you won't regret it.


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