BREAKING NEWS: Success for Women Making a Difference and the women of Wales

·         WMAD awarded funding from the Welsh Government’s Equality and Inclusion Grant
·         The ‘Balancing Power Project will be delivered to women across Wales
·         The project aims to make a difference in communities and public life

success stampNFWI’s Women Making a Difference (WMAD) are proud to have been awarded funding as part of the Welsh Government’s Equality and Inclusion Grant.  

The funding will be used over a period of three years from April 2014 until 2017 to deliver the ‘Balancing Power Project’ across Wales. 

The project is designed to raise women’s aspirations in public life through training and mentoring. In turn this will help to build better communities which will benefit from having trained volunteers to face issues and bring about change.

Paula Manley, WMAD Project Manager, explained “we are delighted that we have been successful in our bid to deliver our new ‘Balancing Power Project’ to ‘real’ women across Wales. This really is a win-win situation for both the women in Wales and their communities.” 

Women working for free for rest of the year!

More than 40 years after the Equal Pay Act outlawed paying women less than men for the same work, women still face a lifetime of earning less.

Across the UK today, women in full-time work earn an average 15 per cent less an hour than men. For every £1 men take home, women are getting just 85p.

Translated into working days this means women are, in effect, working for free from 7th November until the New Year.

Sharp increase in the number of women in low-paid job

A recent TUC-commissioned report, has shown how gender still plays a significant part in determining the career paths of young people. The report found this to be a particular problem for young women, many of whom are pushed into low-paid, low-skilled jobs with few prospects for career progression.

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New Powers Offered to Wales

The UK Government has announced that following the recommendations of the Silk Commission they will implement key proposals from the commission's first report. These include devolving:
  • Borrowing powers, so that Welsh Ministers can borrow money to invest in Wales.
  • Certain taxes, as the Silk Commission recommended, ensuring the Welsh Government has an independent funding stream to pay back the money it borrows.
  • Landfill Tax and Stamp Duty Land Tax in Wales.

Boards should be forced to accept more women members, says Janet Street-Porter

Janet-Street Porter, former Editor of the Independent, calls for organisations that receive public funding to be forced to make sure at least half of the board members are women. She says that there is a painfully slow progress of women in the National Assembly for Wales and House of Lords, which is in part to the "concrete-ceiling" stopping women from advancing to the top. She calls for that ceiling to be destroyed.

Read the full article here:

Cabinet drive to increase number of women on Public Boards

A renewed drive to encourage more senior women to take up roles on public boards has been launched by the Cabinet Office.

The Cabinet Office hosted a high-level networking event for senior women as new data revealed that just 37% of new public appointments made by Whitehall departments in 2012 to 2013 were women.
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