Vision, Mission & Values


Women Making a Difference believe that public and political life doesn't reflect the multicultural Britain of the 21st Century. Women's voices are not being heard and we often face multiple barriers due to their race, religion, disability, age, social status, or geographic location.

Our vision is to bring equality to the political and public appointments in Wales, the UK, and across the globe, to ensure that the people in our corridors of power reflect the breadth of society.

Why? Because people make decisions and set priorities based on their own experiences and if those who make the decisions come from a narrow part of society, the majority and breadth of public views will be overlooked.


Our mission is to increase the number of women who have the skills, ability, and mind-set to become leaders in their communities and decision makers at all levels of public and political life, in particular those women who are additionally under-represented because of the multiple barriers created by their race, religion, disability, age, sexuality and/or their educational attainment, social status, and geographic location. Our target audience are women who want to make a difference in their communities but are unsure of where to begin.

Women Making a Difference transforms the lives of women, building their confidence and skills to take an active role at all levels of their communities and in public life. We empower women to identify themselves as stakeholders in the community, with a vested interest in becoming valuable and valued contributors to a positive culture of inclusion and equality across society.


The values that underpin our work are:

  • Nurturing and encouraging women to accomplish their dreams; particularly those women who are under-represented in decision making because of race, disability, age or social status to get their voices heard.


  • To work directly in the communities of those we are aiming to reach; and with the most deprived communities in Wales, the UK, and internationally.


  • Commitment to diversity & inclusion: we endeavour to encourage diverse women to attend our programme and events by providing the relevant support they require. For example courses are run during term-time and within school hours and we support travel and childcare where possible.


  • Cascading learning: our tutors are all required to have completed the courses before leading training; our goal is to teach from experience. We also encourage participants to cascade what they learn into their wider community as spokespeople and role models.


  • Integration: Women Making a Difference encourages participants to 'hold their assumptions lightly'.


  • Sustainable development: ensuring gender equality is pivotal to the three pillars of sustainability; environmental, economic, and social.


  • Partnership working: with key statutory organisations, representative bodies, and networks of community-based organisations to recruit women locally. Find out more about our partners here. 


  • Principles of openness, honesty and transparency; encouraging participants to have a sense of responsibility for sustainable development and a respect for diversity.


  • Pro-activity: encouraging participants to access further support and build networks in order to achieve their personal goals.


  • International development; Women Making a Difference is not only a local training programme, we also work closely with international partners – through the British Council Active Citizens programme- offering women the chance to learn international citizenship skills and support women's development and advancement in Wales and the world.
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