What we do

What we Do

Women Making a Difference deliver a progressive programme of training, personal development, mentoring, and role-shadowing. Beginning with Engendering Change which is delivered within, and in partnership with, local communities. The following stages; Women in Public Life and Women in Management offer academic training alongside practical skill-development.

This educates and empowers the women participating to become more self-aware and to take responsibility for their own lives and the directions they take. We offer this programme nationally in Wales and are currently undertaking pilots in 3 regions of England as well disseminating our knowledge overseas in countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Sudan.

Training is delivered within local communities and allows women to become more strategic in their thinking and actions by understanding the decision-making processes of local, national and central government. A number of our programmes are Cardiff University accredited and offer practical skill development required to succeed as community leaders. Not only can women acquire the supervisory and management skills they need to take up higher level public appointments, they gain transferable skills for the workplace and to enter Higher Education.

Mentoring & role shadowing…

Is a key part of the WMAD experience. It offers women the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of public and political life. Mentors provide constructive and informed advice and support, giving women the confidence to take control of their own journey and empowering them to plan their own future, capitalising on their potential.

Our role models come from a wide range of backgrounds and positions including Councillors and Assembly Members. By role shadowing them, participants gain an insight into what these roles involve and a great chance to build a network.

We believe that women require opportunities to interact with the decision-makers and gatekeepers in public life. Observing post-holders in action gives an honest insight into what those appointments and roles truly involve and is vital to the participants’ learning journey.

We are always looking for mentors and role models. If you are interested click here to find out more, or email us at [email protected] to register your interest.

Making a Difference

Our programme truly has made a difference to women’s lives in Wales. Women completing all three stages have been inspired to use their qualifications, confidence, and experience to take up a diversity of roles in public life as well as improving their employment prospects. You can find out more by reading some of our success stories.

Equality and fair representation of society in public and political hierarchies will build and engage society for the greater good of all citizens and we pledge to continue our work to achieve this.