Further/Bespoke Training Programmes

In addition to our core learning journey, Women Making a Difference offer a range of additional courses on an ad-hoc basis. Often, these projects are designed by our team in response to a need in the community, or through opportunities to build partnerships with like-minded organisations. If you have an idea which you believe would fit within our vision, please get in touch. Alternatively, join our mailing list to get regular updates on the courses we have to offer.

Some of our recent programmes include:

Active Citizens

Since 2010 WMAD have partnered with the British Council in the Active Citizens programme, a community empowerment and social action initiative that promotes intercultural dialogue and cultural understanding.

This annual training course teaches participants to develop their knowledge and understanding of their own culture and identity, sustainable development, and project planning and implementation skills. One of the outputs of the course is to participate in a social action project, working together to improve their community. A key part of the programme is to share and build relationships with an international partner, widening their network of influence and learning about community in both a local and global context.

Active Citizens acts as a catalyst to bring the elements of our training together, offering women the opportunity to broaden their horizons and build different perspectives.

We have trained over 100 women across Wales in this project and connected with community organisations in countries including Jordan, Egypt, India, Burma, Sudan and Poland. To find out more about our on-going work linking Wales and the world visit our International pages.

To receive notification on any future Active Citizens courses sign up to our mailing list.

Piloting the Engendering Change course in England

In 2012 the NFWI supported us in expanding the WMAD project into England. We ran a successful 'Training the Trainers' session at the prestigious Denman College, Oxford and these new ambassadors have each delivered the course to underrepresented women in their own local areas; North Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Worcestershire.

We believe that the WMAD programme has been a huge success in engendering change for women in Wales, creating a network of community leaders, volunteers and decision-makers. Empowering and building confidence in women to take their rightful places in public and political life is not a right only Welsh women should enjoy, our success needs to be shared with women across the UK.

If your interest has been sparked and you would like to hold an Engendering Change course in your area please get in touch, or for areas outside of Wales, contact your local Women's Institute.

Youth on Boards

During the summer of 2013 we trained 15 young people between the ages of 18-25 in the skills required to become a Board member. The project is jointly funded by GwirVol and British Council Wales and is open to young people across the breadth of Wales.

We devised the programme upon realising that less that 2% of charity trustees in the UK are under the age of 24, seeing a huge expanse of skills and experiences that organisations are missing out on.

The skills participants learnt included:- the role of trustees and Board members, presentation skills, social media and writing for the web, governance and charity law, application and interview preparation, confidence building and leadership skills.

We worked collaboratively with the young people to select 15 Boards whom will act as mentors to the participants. This will provide the opportunity for them to role shadow a Board and gain some first-hand experience in what the role entails in order to apply for Board level volunteering positions in their own right.

Some of the Boards we are working with include Sport Wales, Welsh Women's Aid, Touch Trust, Solas Cymru and The Wallich.

Bespoke Training

Women Making a Difference have over 10 Tutors, all experienced in adult education and with a background in developing and delivering training in a range of subjects. We are able to design training courses in:

  • Charity roles and responsibilities (the Trustee, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer),
  • Mentoring programmes,
  • Management skills: for example management structures, presentation skills, project management, event management, and achieving personal excellence,
  • Confidence building & assertiveness skills,
  • Understanding the decision-making processes of local, national and central government,
  • Community engagement & global citizenship,
  • Lobbying, campaigning & taking on a community action project.

If you are interested in engaging with us to deliver a corporate training programme please get in touch.
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