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About Women in Public Life

Women in Public Life is a campaign lead by Dame Rosemary Butler AM who is the Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales. The campaign aims to increase women’s representation in all aspects of public life in Wales by;

  • encouraging women to apply for board positions;
  • giving audiences the chance to hear from inspirational women who have succeeded in traditionally male dominated industries in a series of lectures; and
  • hosting networking events and career fairs.

Why do we need this campaign?

There are much fewer women than men in important, decision making roles. This imbalance exists in companies, organisations, charities, government and your local council so women’s voices aren’t being heard or valued enough.

Barriers also exist for women who have disabilities, come from ethnic minorities, younger or older women, and women from rural areas.

Currently, those in power don’t reflect the diversity of our society enough and the Women in Public Life campaign aims to change this by helping you make your voice heard.


On International Women’s Day 2012, Dame Rosemary started the debate on gender imbalance in Wales by hosting a seminar. This seminar focussed on the barriers preventing women from taking part in public life in Wales. Those barriers were outlined in the Who Runs Wales (2012) report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Dame Rosemary then travelled to host regional seminars to hear what women from all over Wales thought about how to increase women’s representation in decision making roles. All the feedback from those regional seminars was then discussed at a final national conference in Cardiff where panels of experts and guest speakers offered solutions to enhance the representation of women in public life.

What next for Women in Public Life?

Dame Rosemary launched the Mentoring and Development Scheme in October 2014 aimed at giving women the support and guidance to enter public life. She has also encouraged Party Leaders to consider ways to increase the number of women who put themselves up for election in 2016 and started a Women in Democracy Caucus, made up of female representatives from each political Party to discuss national and international best practice on gender representation in parliaments and to make recommendations by the end of 2014 to ensure that the Assembly’s political parties address the issue.

This portal offers a range of ways for you to learn more about public life as well as get involved…

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